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Don’t know how to lower your company’s operational costs? Don’t know how to attract new customers to your business? We’ve got it all!

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We’re a team of experienced SEO enthusiasts, developers and creative marketers working to deliver results for you and your business. Whether you’re a small business that can’t afford a proper IT department or a big company that is looking to stay at the cutting edge of the industry…

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Help people find your business in just a few seconds. Search Engine Optimization – Optimized for you!

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Get in the first page results in all of the top search engines (google, bing etc) and significantly increase traffic on your website. We use all our SEO techniques to optimize the visibility of your website and make it appear in the top search results, thus strengthening your online presence…

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There are numerous ways to achieve the so much needed online advertising. And we can provide them all for you!

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At itrust we understand our clients’ need to turn audience into customers efficiently. Engaging, acquiring and retaining customers can be challenging but it is definitely achievable through the use of the right tools. In order to achieve our clients’ goals…

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Having an outdated website that doesn’t suite you anymore? Not having a website at all? Whatever the case, we can help you!

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“Web development” is a broad term for the work involved in developing a website for the internet. It ranges from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, online businesses, and social network services…

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The most essential tool for any company that wants to stay ahead of its competition. See what we can do for you!

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Enterprise Resource Planning software lets you forget about the Planning and the Resources, and just focus on what is really important; Enterprise. This is ERP’s true ambition. It integrates all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all…

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Does the idea of having a totally free and reliable telephone network in your company sound appealing? Well, then we have got the right solution for you!

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Voice Over IP Telephony, or VOIP Telephony as it is usually abbreviated, is a completely new approach for businesses to make free internal and external calls. In most places, making calls can be quite costly. Consider making a phone call to a person living in a country half the globe away…

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Who We Are

Our offices are located in Thessaloniki, near the city center. Our mission is to consult great businesses on any IT matter and provide them with cost efficient solutions, ranging from web development and SEO to ERP solutions and VOIP telephony and anything in-between.

You’re probably here because you’re looking for some expert advice. Well, look no further! We are committed to helping our clients excel in their field. Our clients don’t come to us because we are the biggest IT company. They come to us because we take things personally. We act as an extension to their teams; not as their external partners. And this is how we build their trust.

It is not our primary goal to get bigger by the day – actually, this comes as a result of our work. Our vision is to apply our knowledge and effect change in the companies who trust us in order to help them reach their goals.

Working with our team of IT consultants, web developers and SEO geeks you can rest assured that your work is done and your investment will deliver its full potential in good time.

Why Us

internet marketing

Here at i-trust we don’t just deliver client projects. Almost anyone can do it. In i-trust we treat our clients as partners and constantly focus on how we can influence changes for their own benefit and help them grow in the long term. When something goes wrong, no matter how trivial or complicated it may be, we are always by your side to provide guidance, support and even real time solutions when needed.

Our clients vary from small businesses to global organizations. The former usually may lack a sophisticated IT department in their ranks while the latter that can afford one may lack the expertise in some fields of the constantly developing information technology. In any case, we are here to serve our clients’ needs in the best possible way: rushing forward to solve your hands when in confusion and to provide you with quick and high quality result.

We stay constantly updated with the latest trends and technologies enabling us to offer tailored and optimal solutions at any given time. We strongly believe that our success can only be measured by the difference we make in the development of our clients organisations. We need them to rest assured that they no longer need to care about stuff that distract them from their goal: getting better!



Constantly getting better is our motto.


Constantly getting better is our motto.

If you have an internet connection, then you most certainly have come across some website that was oh-so-funny. Don’t let inadequate people manage your online presence. Getting conned is full of cons, while a pro will only add pros to your company!



Make the most out of your investment.


Make the most out of your investment.

Some claim that the sum of time and costs needed to complete a project is a constant number, or as a mathematician would depict it:

time + costs = Universal Constant

Well, we beg to differ. We prove that needing less time to complete a project doesn’t have to mean quality deterioration.



We do whatever needs to be done.


We do whatever needs to be done.

Have you ever shaken your hands on something, only to find out that the other party was not upholding to their promises? We know that this is one of the worst things that could happen in the business world. And it definitely is a deal breaker for us, as it should be for anyone. Trust our clients when they say that whatever we promised to do, we did.



What you want, when you want it.


What you want, when you want it.

We won’t claim that we’re the fastest moving thing on earth; a cheetah undoubtedly will outrun us in a race. But even we ourselves are sometimes amazed by how quick we get things done.



We are always there for you, 24/7.


We are always there for you, 24/7.

Computer says no? Fear not!

We say yes!

We’ve been on the market long enough to know that sometimes, something, somewhere might go wrong. Our clients know that those dreadful situations are no reason to panic.
Support. Aid. Assist. Help. Count on someone. Whatever you may call it, that’s the deal with us.

Selected Projects

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What People Say About Us


Breaking News: Instant Articles to take the world by storm

Yesterday, Facebook announced, in its annual conference, F8, the release of Instant Articles and the access to all publishers, across the world. Until today, this feature was only available to a few top companies of the world market. So, what exactly are these Instant Articles?

Speed Does Matter


Instant Articles is Facebook’s newest innovation, which offers never-before experienced navigation speed and interaction to the user. You have most probably come across an article like this, at some point, where there’s one small symbol on the top right, like a small lightning.

 Instant Articles iTrust image


If you also took the next step and opened one of these articles, you definitely know what’s all this about. Joyful, easy navigation to the article, while staying on the Facebook app, without you being redirected to the publisher’s website, one-touch sharing and more suggested articles in the bottom. Those are just some of the awesome features offered by Instant Articles.

This brand-new feature was given experimentally to top publishers and websites, with millions of readers and followers. The result to these publishers? A 20% increase in article reading and 10 times faster page loading speed.

Instant Articles is a similar version of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for social media. AMP, a self-proclaimed “project” by its founders, was designed by a collaboration between Google and Twitter, in the USA, and offers immediate article page loading.

Navigation speed, therefore, implies easy reading and exploration of more pages. What does this mean, exactly? More interesting, immediate and relevant ads, which publishers can offer, specifically targeted to the needs & interests of the reader. Practically, instant articles take digital age to a whole new level, where speed does matter.

How it works

Instant articles is a publishing format for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). These articles are HTML5 documents, appropriately optimized, using a markup language, similar to XML. In other words, Facebook’s API works like a tube or channel, which receives an article’s current HTML and, passing it through its software, converts it into a lighter, faster version of the SAME document. This fact allows the styling adjustments and addition of interactive functionalities in the article. There’s also the possibility of adding specific tags, relevant to the topic, text, maps, hiqh quality images & slideshows, while at the same time, article interaction with likes, comments and shares is made easier than ever.

How-to: Use Instant Articles to your website

There’s two methods for someone to add this unique Facebook feature to its business publishing tools. Regardless of what method is chosen, though, some degree of adjustment is always necessary. As time passes and technology evolves daily, adjustment needs to become even more specialized to the needs and characteristics of the business or publisher.

Easy Way

In its recent conference, where Instant Articles was announced, Facebook also presente a specific plug-in, user-friendly for any open-source Content Management System (like WordPress, Drupal & Tempest). Its installation, therefore, is quite easy and fast to do, by downloading the plug-in and adjusting it to the Management System.

Tough Way

As a Digital Agency that’s passionate with the latest trends, iTrust started designing & “writing” its own plug-in, from the day Facebook announced the launching date of the Instant Articles. Our goal was to be 100% prepared for the day this feature would be launched.

Contact us for any information regarding Instant Articles, as well as if you wish to use it for your business. We would like to serve you with great pleasure.

With the digital world experiencing such a rapid progress, navigation and user-friendly content goes on a whole other level, where interactions are direct. Thinking about the advantages Instant Articles offers, it’s something every publisher has to try. Why? Simply put, if you don’t give it a shot, one of your competitors will.


Enterprise SEO – The Case Study of Pinterest

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for a local business or a small medium enterprise in most markets comes down to the expertise of the SEO expert. Bust mostly its a matter or effort: If you know what you’re doing, and actually throw the needed resources on it, the results will come.


But even when the desired Google Search positions become a reality and the juicy organic traffic starts flowing in, the actual success only comes when SEO stops functioning as an independent series of tasks, but becomes integrated with the rest of marketing and operations as a whole. SEO can make wonders for modern businesses given they are given a seat at the decision-makers table.


SEOs are disruptors by definition. If they don’t operate proactively it’s probably too late already.


Enterprise SEO – That’s another beast


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for enterprises is a huge growth opportunity. And as times and times again, SEO is back in fashion. Perhaps because it is being gradually demystified, given Google’s relative consistency on communicating the importance of unique and quality content.


But when the websites becomes “larger:, the functionalities more complex, when new digital assets are created for subsidiaries or product lines and in so many other cases, SEO becomes a whole other beast.


And that is what we like to call enterprise SEO, or just BIG SEO.


The case study of Pinterest SEO

SEO and Social Media - Pinterest

Your Design / Shutterstock.com


Pinterest, women’s and shopaholics’ favourite social network, quickly realised traditional SEO 101 manuscript would not suffice to increase its organic traffic growth goals. Instead, Pinterest internally opted for running a large number of experiments to understand which tactics worked for them.


Duplicate Page Title tags? No problem


Even though having a large number of duplicate page title tags is definitely not a good practice in the eyes of Google, in Pinterest’s case that proved to not be an issue. Here’s what happened:


Many Pinterest users create boards with exactly the same name, resulting in identical Page Title tags in the form of:


“{Board Name} on Pinterest”.


In a SEO experiment, Pinterest added the number of pins in those boards next to their names. Resulting in a Page Title Tag:


{Board Name} on Pinterest | {Number of Pins}


Through this experiment Pinterest found there was no statistical significant change in traffic (between the test and the control group).


Text Descriptions? I’d like some of that


Pinterest did find a huge growth opportunity though via organic traffic. After experimenting with improving text descriptions Pinterest saw results much better than anticipated; invested further into it and saw a nearly 30% increase in traffic only last year.


Good (SEO) things gone bad


Maybe the most important thing decision-makers can take from Pinterest’s Growth Team engineers’ experience is that even un-related actions have to take SEO into consideration.


An experiment on Pinterest had the purpose of delivering a better web performance and making sure the implemented changes did not affect SEO. In fact, the changes did impact SEO negatively (!) and the team was late to turn off the experiment.


Still, having tested such a change (rendering with JavaScript) was a huge success “in the sense that it prevented a terrible traffic drop without a known cause. […] we learned the importance of running experiments for non-SEO projects to prove that they aren’t negatively affecting SEO”, in the words of Julie Ahn, Software Engineer on Pinterest’s Growth Team.

How’s all that affecting my website’s SEO?

Enterprise SEO is the ultimate manifestation of SEO being a very different beast depending on the project at stake.

Basic guidelines and best practices have always been there. But the SEO landscape becomes more competitive and achieving  results will always, more or less, require outside-the-box thinking and acting. Pinterest’s case study proves how complex and how different a SEO project can become.

If you’d like to read more on Pinterest’s experience with SEO, take a look at their engineering blog.

E-volution awards 2016 SEO Award: iTrust Digital Strategy distincts in the SEO/SEM category

In our first ever participation in E-volution awards 2016 SEO Award we were awarded with the SILVER award given in the Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing (SEO / SEM) category.

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Mega Sprint Guard S.A.

Mega Sprint Guard collaborates with iTrust Digital Strategy. We are in a pleasant surprise to announce our collaboration with our newest client, Mega Sprint Guard, one of the strongest corporation in the field of security services and security products. The corporation maintains a steadily powerful presence since 1994. As a company, iTrust offers its expertise and services concerning the online business consulting to a leading enterprise in its particular field of occupation, thus helping Mega Sprint Guard’s productivity levels reach new heights.

About Mega Sprint Guard

MEGA sprint guardMega Sprint Guard has been established in the sector of security companies as a leading corporation, with more than 20 years of professional experience. Quality security services has been a primary target for Mega Sprint Guard since day one, giving the company the advantage of credibility and recognition. Mega Sprint Guard maintains the competitive advantage of offering security services that focus on creating a feeling of safety and trust towards their customers.

Security issues and staff training from Mega Sprint Guard

The key factor of Mega Sprint Guard relies on its human resources . The company has mainly invested in the proper training of its security personnel, offering high quality services and efficiency. Mega Sprint Guard is equipped with highly qualified training centers and in collaboration with certified instructors of the armed forces, provides constant education and training, defining the companies profile not only as a service provider but as a leading training institution in the field of security services as well.
Mega Sprint Guard as part of its services provision covers a wide range of security issues. For instance, the company is dealing with personal and product security, CIT transfers, information and telecommunications, as well as security provision in health and educational institutions all over the country.

Growth of Mega Sprint Guard

MEGA guard
A well established enterprise in the field of security services, like Mega Sprint Guard, with more than 20 years of strong presence, could only display a continuous and at the same time stable progress. This comes as a result of the constant care for the staff training and the importance of certification of the services they offer. To seal all of the above, Mega Sprint Guard has been nominated, according to Imerisia, from the European organization Europe 500 and IESE Business School as “ one of the five corporations with the biggest development growth rate and staff employment in Europe “ for the year 2011-2012. See more at Mega Sprint Guard news.

Awards and Nominations of Mega Sprint Guard

As a result of its continuous development and growth, Mega Sprint Guard (based on Bloomberg business) has managed to gain multiple nominations  both in national and European level. Apart from gaining the award of EUROPE 500 institution as one of the fastest growing businesses in Europe, the company managed to find itself among the 270 best companies in Europe for the year 2013, according to Plimsoll Words research. Furthermore, Mega Sprint Guard  has been awarded for 3 consecutive years (2010-2012) as one of the “Strongest companies in Greece” by ICAP. Last but not least, the company has been awarded from ICAP GROUP as one of the “Leading employers in Greece” for two consecutive years (2011-2012).

The concept of Mega Sprint Guard can be summarized in the maxim, as told by one of the seven sages of antiquity, Pittacus the Mitilinaeos “ Prudent men, act before the struggles, so that they do not happen. Brave men act when they happen, and with pleasure they solve them ( the struggles ) “.

Working as a german in Greece (SPIEGEL Online – Video)

iTrust, a Google Partner, is a results-oriented digital agency. Since 2006 we assist local and global brands drive up sales, increase awareness and expand their networks. Last week we found ourselves in the top-3 videos of Spiegel Online. This is the story of how it happened.

A little while ago we were looking for a german copywriter for our offices in Thessaloniki to cope with the clients operating in Germany.

Given the strong ties many people from Thessaloniki have with Germany and the existence of the German School of Thessaloniki, we were able to interview a number of truly great candidates.

But Florian Schmitz, copywriter, project designer, blogger, media consultant and press liaison, impressed us both with his skillset and the fact that he was a perfect culture fit with the rest of our team.

Last week, Spiegel Online was toured by Florian through Thessaloniki, trying to understand how current Greek-German relationships have evolved, how working in Greece as a German feels like and what issues capital controls have raised for firms like iTrust and its clients.

That’s a lot to cover in 5 minutes. For that, we’ll let Florian himself say his side of the story.

Why iTrust in Thessaloniki – Moving to Greece in troubled times


Florian: When I came to Greece about a year and a half ago, my expectations of actually finding a job were slim to nill. To be honest, I hadn’t even thought about it. And now, I am sitting here, as an official iTrust employee, surrounded by hard-working colleagues and getting paid for what I always wanted to do: creating content.


I moved to Greece in December 2013.  Of course I was – and still am – aware of the difficult situation the country is struggling with. Therefore, I was not surprised when both, people in Germany and people in Greece thought I was crazy. While the Germans celebrated me as some kind of risk-it-all adventurer, most Greeks I met wouldn’t believe me. “Are you nuts? Everybody is leaving! What do you think you are doing?”


The truth is usually somewhere in the middle


Well, there is some truth in both viewpoints, but, as usual, the reality and the dimensions of my decision to leave Germany arise somewhere in the middle. The life of an individual cannot be grasped from the stereotypical images the media produce of Greece – and also of Germany. My being here is the result of my personal history, a chain of coincidences and hard work. Apparently the outcome is still, well, weird. So weird that even the German magazine ‘Spiegel’ made an interview with me.


If people ask me about my motives, I always say that after 13 years and despite the deep connections I have with Berlin: I was sick of the city and needed a change. Unlike many people in Greece automatically assume: For a literature major, Berlin is not an easy city to deal with. A lot of competition, low pay and most of all: Berlin is done. Berlin already has it all. It does not need yet another copywriter or journalist.


Drastic measures, but worth it


Long story short: I needed to leave, expand my horizon, swim against the swarm. I owe Berlin a lot, but I somehow knew that only a drastic location change and facing challenges beyond the typical ‘which-agency-in-Berlin-can-I-identify-with-the-most’ would satisfy both, my constant urge to discover new worlds and my desire to apply all the knowledge and experiences I acquired in Berlin.


Now I am here, 18 months later. Still fighting with the Greek language (they have about twenty thousand varieties of the vowel ‘e’ – drives me f#!§ing nuts!), but getting settled. Apart from being among the few privileged people to have a steady job now, including health insurance, I get to work with amazing and highly qualified people. I encounter a professional, warm-hearted and open work environment. And I learn new things.


iTrust – Learning and evolving


We work with international clients and global brands that do business abroad. We don’t care too much about the fact that many people have given up upon Greece. We work hard, maybe harder than in other in places of Europe right now. We develop digital marketing strategies, we generate or pin-point international audiences and we are successful. Because of our know-how, our customers make more money. And because of that, we ALL develop and grow.


As hard as the situation might be, to me iTrust is an example of the fact that, even under the most difficult circumstances, a good idea can always strive. It needs knowledge, people who believe in it, patience, a strong will and the right team in the right place. I found my team in Thessaloniki and as a German I feel glad and honored to be part of an undertaking that so harshly contrasts the medial depiction of Greece. And – last but not least – I feel welcome and needed as German in Greece, despite all the conflicts these two countries are currently facing.

󰀀itrust.gr    󰀽 Chanion 1, 54639 Thessaloniki, Greece    󰀝+302310888870   󰀁info@itrust.gr

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